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Shamanic Journeys in Sedona Arizona
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Shamanic Journeys with your power animal in Sedona Arizona
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Get spiritual guidance from your power animal, a Native American Indian inspired ceremony in Sedona, Arizona

Benefits of Shamanic Journeys in Sedona, Arizona

Most people find that a Shamanic Journey provides them more benefits than they anticipated; although, the benefits vary from individual to individual, of course.

What Are the Benefits of a Shamanic Journey?

The benefits of a Shamanic Journey are specific to you and your needs.

Some of the benefits people experience are:

  • Empowerment of personal and spiritual growth
  • Insights to keep on going
  • Answers to key questions/issues
  • Guidance for the next steps to take personally, professionally, or spiritually

Some people have been empowered to have more faith in themselves and their chosen path. Others have been motivated to make life changes that they either didn’t realize they needed or had been reluctant to make. Still others receive confirmation that they are moving forward on the best path for them.

Who Can Benefit?

The benefits of a journey are available to anyone who is open to receive.
Specifically, people who are:

  • Wanting to make changes in their lives
  • Wanting answers to current life questions
  • Curious
  • Confused about their life or specific situation
  • Looking for an unusual Sedona experience
  • Looking for a Native American experience
  • Looking for a Sedona reading
  • Looking for spiritual growth
  • Curious about shamanism
  • Awakening to spirituality
  • At a crossroads in their life
  • Need a change in their life
  • Seeking transformation
  • Unhappy with their lives
The rabbit: your spirit animal has much to teach you about where you are on your path right now.

These people can be any age or nationality. It’s about empowering the spiritual being in their human experience. If you feel that you’d benefit from a journey, call 928-203-0777 or email to schedule your special session.

The Ripple Effect of the Journey

If you’re like most people, you’ll receive great insights at the time of your journey; however, you will also continue to benefit from additional insights long after the journey has finished. For some, these ripple effects come heavily in the first 24 hours. For others, they continue over time as they share, meditate on, or listen to the recorded version of their journey. It’s a gift – to yourself or someone else – that goes on giving.

Cathedral Rock, Sedona Arizona
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What Others Are Saying about Their Journeys

"I have experienced Jane Smith's "Shamanic Journeys" and have found to be very beneficial. During the "Journey" I went into a deep state of relaxation and visualization and met with my spirit guides who led me to a beautiful open meadow where I saw my spirit animal.

Jane goes deep within herself with the beat of the drum and guides you very gently to where your guides are waiting for you and they lead you to where you are meant to go in order to heal yourself, work things within yourself, get clarity to questions that have been at the back of your minds and anything else that we need to achieve.

With my experience I have found it to be extremely powerful and very subtle and as days went by after the "Journey" I found that things that had bothered me before were of no significance to me anymore. My fears were erased of certain things and now I can function in a more productive way. I have experienced a lot of healing and clarity from one session."
... Pushpa

"You session was catalytic . . . I’m moving to the city and changing my life."

"Insightful – intuitive and healing. This session helped me to be able to integrate lots of pieces within my life, with the result: I felt whole. Thank you"
…Thea at A Spa for You

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