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Shamanic Journeys in Sedona Arizona
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Shamanic Journeys with your power animal in Sedona Arizona
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Get spiritual guidance from your power animal, a Native American Indian inspired ceremony in Sedona, Arizona

About Your Shamanic Journey in Sedona, Arizona

If you’re like many people, you’re curious about the Shamanic Journey and what happens during one. Some people even prefer to be a little prepared before deciding to go on a Shamanic Journey. That’s okay. The more comfortable you are about going on a Shamanic Journey, the better your journey will be.

What Happens on a Shamanic Journey

A Shamanic Journey and the interpretive discussion take approximately one hour. Following a brief ceremony of calling in the directions and ancestral guides, you will close your eyes and, to the steady beat of a drum, go to a favorite place on the earth, perhaps a sacred place to you.

When the beat of the drum speeds up, you will go through the earth to the lower world where the animal spirits live. When you arrive there and the drumbeat slows again, you should notice your environment. Then you’ll look or walk around seeking your power animal.

You will find your spirit animal in one of many ways:

  • The animal may come to you and never leave you.
  • The animal may appear to you several times.
  • You will just know.
  • You will ask each animal you encounter if it’s your animal until one says “yes.”

Occasionally a journeyer will have more than one animal. That’s okay, too. Sometimes the sequence of the animals is significant, and sometimes the combination is significant.

You will then spend time with this animal. You may do any of these activities – or others that just happen:

  • Sit and be with your animal
  • Ask questions of your animal
  • Merge with your animal to see the world from your animal’s eyes
  • Walk with your animal

Remember to allow your animal to take the lead and help you experience what you need to at this time, but always feel free to ask questions and allow your animal to answer.

Near the end of your journey, Jane will tell you to thank your animal for its guidance. Then with a speeded up drumbeat, you’ll come back through the earth to the surface. As the drumbeat slows again, you’ll open your eyes when you’re ready.

Jane will then ask you to write what you experienced. When you’ve finished your notes, you’ll share your experience with Jane and she’ll help to interpret its meaning for you and your life right now. You’ll discover the energies and symbolism of the animal and, if time, the environment in which you found yourself.

This discussion is recorded digitally and sent to you on a CD after your session.

The horse: finding your spirit animals on a Shamanic Journey is a powerful experience


Where Do the Journeys Take Place?

Journeys can take place in Sedona, Arizona or virtually by way of a telephone call.

In Sedona, the location of the journey is determined by the weather/season
and by the desires of the individuals:

  • When the weather is nice, you’ll have your journey on the land.
  • When the weather is inclement, you’ll experience your journey in Jane’s sacred space overlooking Sedona.
  • In the summer, journeys are better in the early morning hours or late afternoon or evening near sunset, especially if you want to journey on the land.

You can also do a journey over the telephone. All you need is a headset or speaker phone, a comfortable, quiet place, and the time to give yourself this gift. I have worked very successfully in the virtual environment in my spiritual, coaching, and corporate lives. I have a unique ability to connect and touch lives “by feeling,” even though not seeing, you.

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